Berco offers virtually any finish option you can imagine for your table base, and if you don’t see exactly what you’re looking for, we’ll be happy to explore and find a solution for your specific project needs.

  • Finish samples are shipped on Tuesdays and Thursdays via UPS Ground from St. Louis, MO
  • If you need a sample more quickly, please contact your sales rep or Customer Service to discuss options.
  • To minimize waste, when possible please try to order only the samples you need (ordering individual powder coat samples for a project vs. ordering a complete set of powder coats, for example)
  • We do not maintain an inventory of upholstery memo samples. Those should be requested directly from the manufacturer. See Upholstery page for links to order samples.

C10 Bright Chrome
C29 Satin Chrome
M24 Chrometal
M33 Titanium
M34 Pewter
M35 Champagne
M36 Cinnamon Sparkle
M37 Volcanic Bronze
M38 Gunmetal
M39 Moonlit Silver
M40 Oyster Pearl
M41 Pumice Stone
M42 Pyrite
S10 Ebony
S11 Snow
S14 Cappuccino
S15 Graphite
S18 Grey Luster
S19 Mink
S20 Monument Grey
S21 Tranquil
S22 Carmello
S23 Jet Black
S24 Maritime
S25 Patriot Blue
S26 Bonzai
S27 Nutmeg
S28 Dusk
S29 Sky Grey
S30 Bittersweet
S31 Signature Purple
S32 Wasabi
S43 Brass
S44 Industrial
Sparkle Silver
T01 Quartzite
T02 Speckled Salt
T03 Shubi Oxide
T04 Dusty Ash
T05 Black Wrinkle
T06 Brown Wrinkle
T07 Winter Sky
T08 Wahelo Red
T09 Grazor
T12 Battleship Grey
T13 Blue Montrose
T16 Charcoal Wrinkle
T17 Platinum Wrinkle
T18 Silver Wrinkle

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