Berco offers dozens of standard laminate choices and can work with you to source any non-standard color or pattern from our selection of preferred laminate suppliers.

  • Lowest initial cost
  • Lightweight
  • Maximum edge treatment options
Order Finish Samples
  • Finish samples are shipped on Tuesdays and Thursdays with ground shipping from St. Louis, MO
  • If you need a sample more quickly, please contact your sales rep or Customer Service to discuss options.
  • To minimize waste, when possible please try to order only the samples you need (ordering individual powder coat samples for a project vs. ordering a complete set of powder coats, for example)
  • We do not maintain an inventory of upholstery memo samples. Those should be requested directly from the manufacturer. See Upholstery page for links to order samples.


4142 Grey Glace
4170 Biege Pampas
4621 White Nebula
4622 Grey Nebula
T4623 Graphite Nebula
4663 Tawny Legacy
4669 Natural Tigris
4674 Evening Tigris
4744 Karratha Brush
4783 White Tigris
4795 Windswept Pewter
4811 Silicon EV
4841 Desert Zephyr
4843 Misted Zephyr
4845 Twilight Zephyr
4857 Shadow Zephyr
4877 Grey Mesh
4885 Green Soapstone
4887 Tan Soapstone
4914 Pomegranate
4916 Sweet Corn
4917 Kiwi
4919 Blue Agave
4928 Venetian Ivory
7054 Wild Cherry
7209 Nepal Teak
7816 Solar Oak
7909 Fusion Maple
7929 Huntington Maple
7933K Cafelle
7935 Shaker Cherry
7937 River Cherry
7946 Brazilwood
7949 Asian Night
7960K Studio Teak
D90 North Sea
D96 Shadow
D354 Designer White
D381 Fashion Grey
D495 Coffee Bean


459-58 Brite White
507-58 Folkstone Grafix
837-58 Graphite
909-58 Black
923-58 Surf
927-58 Folkstone
949-58 White
961-58 Fog
961-58 Fog
5281-58 Dogbone White
5488-58 Smokey Brown Pear
5883-58 Pecan Woodline
5884-58 Chestnut Woodline
5886-43 Sorrel Cherry
5887-NG Millenium Oak
5904-43 Wild Cherry
6209-58 Prestige Walnut
6402-43 Thermo Walnut
6414-NG Black Riftwood
6448-58 Infinity Duotex
6448-58 Infinity Duotex
6925-58 Maple Woodline
7008-58 Acajou Mahogany
7012-58 Amber Maple
7197-58 Dover White
7288-58 Ginger Root Maple
7708-58 Flax Gauze
7738-58 Cognac Maple
7747-58 Pencil Wood
7759-58 Select Cherry
7813-58 Cardboard Solidz
8678 Starched Paperfold
8679 Origami Paperfold
8680 Washi Paperfold
8681 Cotton Cloth
8682 Woolen Cloth
8683 Glass Cloth
8824-58 White Drops
8826-58 Neutral Twill
8827-58 Sarum Twill
8829-58 Graphite Twill
8841-58 White Ash
8842-58 Weathered Ash
8843-NG Natural Ash
8844-NG Aged Ash
8845-58 Bleached Legno
8846-58 Oiled Legno
8848-58 Blackened Legno
8849-58 Natural Teak
8905-58 Waxed Maple
8906-58 Danish Maple
8907-NG Fox Teakwood
8908-NG Storm Teakwood
8909-NG Cascara Teakwood
8910-NG Raw Birchply
9236-43 Noble Mahogany
9237-58 Sand Maple
9238-58 Chelsea Maple
9240-58 Cherry Heartwood
9242-58 Gull Grey
9243-58 Zen Grey
9244-58 Classic White
9283-NG Walnut Riftwood
9285-58 White Twill


J0029 Bianco Male
J0030 Bianco Alaska
J0032 Bianco Kos
J0717 Castoro Ottawa
J0718 Grigio Londra
J0719 Beige Luxor
J0720 Nero Ingo
J0724 Grigio Bromo
J0725 Grigio Efeso
J0748 Beige Arizona
J0749 Cacao Orinoco
J0750 Verde Comodoro
J0751 Rosso Jaipur
J0752 Grigio Antrim
J0754 Blu Fes
J0757 Bianco Dover