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AnyWay KIN

Discover AnyWay KIN, your go-to for versatile and stylish occasional tables. Designed with the same contract-grade durability as our bestselling AnyWay table family, AnyWay KIN offers low-profile bases and precision craftsmanship. Perfect for modern and contemporary spaces, these tables are a must-have for any commercial setting.


Pre-Assembled Bases: Engineered for easy transport and installation.
Nesting Options: Available in various heights for versatile use and nesting.
Warrantied Materials: Features a ¾-inch laminated top with durable, moisture-resistant PVC edge.
Lightweight Materials: Tables are 9/16 of an inch slimmer than standard, reducing overall weight.
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Table Series

Anyway Square 1

Top Shapes

Table Options

05794-NG Beige Elm

Fresh Finishes:
Beige Elm

S52 Raw Adventurine 6a9788

Fresh Finishes:
Raw Adventurine

Table Accessories

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