Oasis Berco
Oasis Linear Duo Pod
Introducing the Oasis Linear Duo Pod: Your Solution for Meetings and Peaceful Work
Exterior Dimensions: 84”w x 45”d x 89”h
Interior Dimensions: 79”w x 39”d x 83”h
Collaborating with a team member or finding a quiet space for focused work can be challenging in a modern office. That's why we designed the Oasis Linear Duo Pod.This fully enclosed pod is perfect for phone calls, video conferences, interviews, private meetings, and undistracted work for up to two people. With a glass rear wall option and top-of-the-line acoustically absorbent materials, the duo pod maintains a light and airy feel while providing the privacy you need.Equipped with an LED ceiling light, air circulation fan, and occupancy sensor, the Oasis Linear Duo Pod ensures comfort and productivity.Don't miss out on this ideal solution for your office environment. Contact us today to learn more about our acoustic meeting pods.
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