Oasis Berco
Oasis Soft Duo Pod
Introducing Oasis Soft Duo Pod: Your Personal Sanctuary
Exterior Dimensions: 112”w x 61”d x 89”h
Interior Dimensions: 106”w x 55”d x 83”h
Experience the ultimate in privacy with the Oasis Soft Duo Pod. This fully enclosed space offers a breath of fresh air with its air circulation fan and sliding glass door, making it perfect for productive individual work or intimate one-on-one meetings.Say goodbye to disruptions in the open office environment with our elegant and comfortable Soft Office Pods. Designed to meet your exact needs, you can choose from a range of finishes using our Oasis Builder. Start designing and pricing your very own Soft Duo Pod today!For more information on our privacy office pods, reach out to us. We're here to assist you!

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