Oasis Berco
Oasis Linear Team Pod SM
Introducing the Oasis Linear Team Pod Small: the perfect solution to bring your team closer together.
Exterior Dimensions: 84”w x 59”d x 89”h
Interior Dimensions: 79”w x 54”d x 83”h
A quiet space for collaboration or private one-to-ones is always hard to find in a modern, open plan office environment; Oasis Linear Duo and Team Pods are the ideal solution.Fully enclosed meeting pods with a ceiling and glass rear wall, team pods stay light, airy, and fresh, yet private. With no compromise on comfort, the pods include top-of-the-line acoustically absorbent materials, an LED ceiling light, air circulation fan, and occupancy sensor.Oasis Berco also has a collection of open office Soft Team Pods available.If you are interested in the acoustic meeting pods we offer, feel free to get in contact with us today!Linear Duo Pod
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