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Berco Designs builds amazing furniture in the industrial heartland of St. Louis, Missouri. The Berco Designs and Oasis Berco family of companies is widely known for their series of high-end banquettes, hand-crafted tables and bases, and collection of office privacy solutions. What Berco Designs is really about is manufacturing opportunity. Berco Designs has created many leadership opportunities for women over the years. Some of whom have stayed with the company for over two decades and continue to play an active role in bringing more and more women to the workforce.

Providing top-notch manufacturing jobs to St. Louis after a pandemic takes leadership and a strong sense
of pride. These women, several holding executive level positions, have helped make Berco Designs the company it is today, in a traditionally male-led manufacturing industry.

Below, Berco Designs senior level female employees share their thoughts on leadership in the furniture
manufacturing industry.

Lori Stroeher Working With Plant Manager Dave Dunn.
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Lori Stroeher working with plant manager Dave Dunn.

Work Toward the Same Goal

Lori Stroeher, Berco Designs’ Vice President of Operations, guides all of the craftspeople in production to be in sync with each other.

Workers and their products moving toward the same goal, she believes, is the key to success in manufacturing.

“When I see something needs
to be done, I make sure it gets
done,” she said. “I’ve learned you
don’t always have to have all the
answers, but you have to ask the
right questions.”

Lori Stroeher
Berco Designs Delve Feature Article March 2
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Lorean Jones working on table bases on the production floor of Berco Designs’ St. Louis furniture factory.

It’s All About Process

Lorean Jones’ talents go beyond her expertise as a painter
at Berco Designs for 22 years. She enjoys painting at home
and has always had a natural passion for her skilled trade.

“I enjoy it. When I paint, It’s in the process itself,” Jones said.
“After the pieces come out of the oven, I’m like wow! I did

Using bright colors, she paints a few things around the shop
to catch the eye and entice people to ask questions.

“It’s pretty cool to see the modern colors and textures,” she
said. “I like the Wasabi high-gloss finish I just did for Oasis

Jones likes to stay informed by communicating about incoming
orders with her surrounding departments.

“Nothing in life is perfect, but I want to try to get as close as I
possibly can,” she said.

“To keep it smooth, you have to
stay coordinated and be a people

Lorean Jones

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